How to hide drives in Windows 8

Jamshaid Raza 2 Friday, May 17, 2013


Current Microsoft operating system is Windows 8. Windows 8 is specially designed for new generation and for those who are using PC tablets( Touch Screen PCs). Sometime, we share computer or laptop with friends and family but we don't want them to see our personal files. Therefore, we can Hide those files, folders or images by special tricks in windows 8.

How to Hide Drive in windows 8:

There are many methods and softwares where we can hide or un-hide files and folders even drives. But, in this step i manually use some configuration in windows and show you how to hide those drives.

  1. When start click on desktop.
  2. On left bottom cover right click and  a menu will appear, click on Disk Management.

  3. Disk Management Windows will appear with Drive names ( i.e: C: and D: etc ).
  4. Right click on any drive which you want to hide and click on Change Drive Letters and paths...
  5. New window will appear now click on remove.
Now check your drive it will disappear from my computer.

How to Un-hide the drive back.

  1. Go back to Disk Management windows than there will be one drive without name.
  2. Right click on drive ( without name ) and select Change Drive Letters and paths...
  3. Click on Add and click OK.

Now your drive will again appear in My Computer. Keep learning.

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