How to hide/unhide files and folders in Windows 7 or 8

How to hide folder visibility?

Computer operating system (OS) is a combinations of files and folders. Therefore, it is important to use folder for various similar files in computer. Folder is a container which store all files such as audio, video, pictures and documents in one platform. It is the best way to make your files in organize position. However, There are many concept behind folder that how to hide or change its appearance. We are attempt both procedure at the sample time with some easy steps.

How to change the appearance of Folder?

Majority of computer users mostly don’t user this option. But, somehow it is very nice to have each folder according to its requirement. For example if we have music folder than it is good to have the appearance to folder to be related to music design. For changing its appearance let’s follow some setps.


  1. Select the folder which needs to be change and press Right + Click and select properties.
  2. On top Tap Buttons select Customization.
  3. Select Change Icon.
  4. Choose your desired Icon (Picture or design) and press OK.

Now it will successfully changes the Icon of folder. If icon doesn’t change just Refresh your computer and it will change.

How to hide folder?

Sometime we hide personal files and folders. Therefore, in different operating system we have that option. Which can be find and operate from any computer easily.

There some steps which will help you to hide your file or folder.


  1.  Right Click on folder/file and select properties. 
  2.  In General Tab in bottom there is Attributes option. Select Hidden and press ok.
  3. The confirm Attribute Changes dialog box will appears, just select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files and press ok.

How to unhide folder again?

Now you have hidden the folder and it has gone. But it is more difficult situation because if someone needs those file than how he will find. Yup, there is a solution for every problem and you can unhide those folder/file again.


  1. Go to Computer (My Computer) and at top menu select Tools > Folder Options.
  2. Press View tap on top.
  3.  There is an option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” select that option and press OK.
  4.  You have seen the transparent folder in a place where you have hidden that.
  5. Right Click and go to properties > Uncheck hidden and press Ok.

Now your file will again come in original appearance.


I hope this trick will be helpful for your daily computer work. For more questions and queries please write down in comment box. I will always encourage to help you all. Thanks for your stay in Pakistan blogber.

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