How to convert Youtube FLV videos online

There are many useful websites and softwares which are helpful for converting Youtube videos. However, Today I will show you how to download Youtube videos online with some very easy steps. Let me explain first that which format Youtube videos support? Youtube is an video hosting website therefore, it is using FLV format for playing video. However, there may come question in your mind that when we upload videos in Youtube, it could be different format such as MP4 or Avi etc, then while downloading why it format changes to FLV? Actually you are thinking right but, FLV is Flash Video which is compress file as compare to original video files, Therefore, Youtube covert the videos into FLV format whenever anyone upload in Youtube website.

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Steps for Converting Youtube (FLV) video online:

There are plenty of websites which will attempt the task easily. However, we use an amazing website which is easy and fast in converting videos.

There are some step which must be consider while converting Youtube Videos.

1. Open

2. Select the application of your choice. (There are many video format. If you are using the video to watch in computer and mobile phones if recommend to select MP4 format which will work both in computer and mobile phones.)

3. Just paste the URL of Youtube video which you want to convert. Then press the arrow button.

4. Once you select the desire video format just press arrow button and it will convert then video.

Isn’t it an easy and very fast video conversion procedure. Have a fun with your Converted video while watching in computer and mobile phone. Stay bless and keep visiting Paksitan Learning Center.

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