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Jamshaid Raza 1 Saturday, May 18, 2013
Today everyone have access in internet. Therefore, using internet we can find many useful information regarding to our interest. There are many concept behind internet, many people use internet for sharing information and alot of tricks and tips about computer. But, for sharing anything into internet we need a plateform and plateform for writers, photographers and internet experts ( blogger, programmer and designer etc) is a website or a blog. they can use both website and blog according to their need and choose. But, most people like to use blog because it is free of cast. For starting small website i recommand to use blog.

How to Find Blog hosting websites?

Blogger is the best blog hosting website and it is free and easy to use. With increasing demand of blogging, now in internet we can find everything related to blog such as templates, widgets and scripts. Just visit and create a blog right now.

How to create a Blog?

Since is from Google therefore, they have designed very easy registration form.
  1. Visit
  2. Click SIGN UP on top right corner.
  3. Simply complete the form.
  4. Select Title, Address and template.
Now everything is done. Just enjoy posting news and article and keep blogging.

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