Windows 8.1: release date, news and features

Window 8.1

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 8.1 this June. Windows 8.1 has bundles of new features with high resolution display. Right now Windows 8.1 preview is available just for the developers and soon it will be available for all users.

What is New in window 8.1

It support high resolution display screens. Unlike, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 include the conventional start Button. It has new Search Interface with some changes to the user interface and tons of new applications with social networking integration.
Microsoft has also chosen to scale up the OS to 200%, just like Apple did. This means that developers will have to step in and update applications in order for text and images to look crisp.

Final Words

Microsoft is straggling to make windows OS in more better way. Therefore, with recent announcement we can say that they are listening to their users demand. Therefore, they have included many User friendly application and interface. We hope that Windows 8.1 will bring change to the world.

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