How to open YouTube in Pakistan without software free

YouTube is free video hosting website where everyday millions of videos from different categories by different people are uploading. Therefore, YouTube is very beneficial for students, bloggers, and those who mostly use internet and computer. They can find useful information regarding to their problem in YouTube website.

YouTube has closed by PTC or Pakistan government due to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) blasphemy movie uploaded in YouTube. However Pakistan government negotiated about removal of movie from YouTube but they ignored the issue and Pakistan government closed YouTube in Pakistan.

Being a Muslim we respect our Prophet from our bottom of heart and we appreciated Pakistan government taking step to close YouTube. But, there are many people, student and learning who need YouTube very much. Therefore, we have found some very step to solve your problem and you can open YouTube in Pakistan anytime anywhere.

How to open YouTube

1. You have to visit the website: (also try this website: )
2. Select One IP from their IP Addresses i.e
3. Now you have two things, one IP and second PORT is 3128. And both IP and Port is important
4. Now, we have some manual configuration.

i. Click on corner of Google Chrome browser ( Custom configuration ) and Settings.

ii. Scroll down until you will find Show advanced settings and click on it.

iii. Now Here is Network Setting and click on Change proxy settings...

iv. A dialog box will open now click on Connections and down in Lan settings.

v. Here is the final step, just click on Use a proxy server for your LAN check box and enter the IP Adress and Port 3128

O.K. You have done everything very smoothly now go to and you will find that your YouTube is working. If you face any problem write us in comment section.

Note: The IP Addesses expire by the time, therefore, you must visit: for renewal of your IP.

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thats good!! here is another method to open you tube in pakistan

Thank you, i appreciate you liked it.

doesn't work for me . instead open google suggestion page.

If you are using the IP address which is mention above, than it will not work. Just use new IP.

Yes if we attempt the above procedure correctly it will work fine.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

can u recommend another site coz em facing a loading problem with ths site .. i think it's too busy...

how to unblock youtube in mozilla firefox

i tried to do this method but the ip site does not open , do you have another site to pick ip adress from ? plz reply soon

I hope it will solve you problem. for further asistance please do tell us. Thanks.

Not working Mr. Jamshaid. What should i do

Syed Sajjad Hussain @ Just follow all steps it will work. (o_o)

Open or Unblock YouTube by using free proxy websites all over pakistan and mostly for free.

Thanks for this this is true every one needed proxy server sites that give secure access for youtube and facebook at school , but there are lot of web proxy available in this way internet user are no able to found some reliable tools for this purpose you need to surf the those proxy websites that give you direct access for accessing youtube.

How to open youtube in pakistan without any software in window 7 see this post.

Thank you very much for the informative post. Loved and enjoyed it very much.
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